United Platform for Creativity in Education

Conference January 2016 ‘Empowering creativity in Education’

January 29th 2016 – Conference ‘Empowering creativity in Education’ 

In a first expert meeting, we brought together a group of distinguishing scholars to facilitate an interdisciplinary discussion on creativity across the educational field. Topics included approaches from (neuro-)psychology, humanities, and educational perspectives on the nature of creativity, the assessment of creativity, creativity and giftedness, creativity and mathematics, and creativity and literacy.

Speakers included dr. Mark Runco (University of Georgia, Athens, US ), dr. Xinfa Yi (Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China), dr. Lynn Newton (Durham University, UK), dr. Roza Leikin (University of Haifa, Israel), dr. Mathias Benedek (University of Graz, Austria), drs. Davide Piffer (Ulster Institute for Social Research, UK), dr. Matthias Brandl (Universität Passau, Germany), and dr. Henk Borgdorff (Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Netherlands). Additionally, this conference served as a kick-off for our platform and many more creativity meetings to come.

UPCI picture first conference