United Platform for Creativity in Education

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Creativity is beneficial for learning and is considered indispensable for the society of today. However, schools still struggle to implement creative practices in their curricula and the creative potential of students remains undervalued. Teachers appear to have limited conceptions of creativity, while exactly teachers should serve as a role model and establish a suitable environment for developing creativity in students. Research on creativity is increasing, but remains scattered across universities and domains. Additionally, the gap between research and practice remains large.

Therefore, in light of these occurrences, Prof. dr. Evelyn Kroesbergen and Prof. dr. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth founded the United Platform of Creativity in Education.



Prof. Dr. Evelyn H. Kroesbergen




Prof. Dr. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth




The United Platform for Creativity in Education (UPCE) brings together creativity researchers across the globe to enlarge our shared knowledge on creativity in education. We aim to map the terrain, to deepen collaboration, and to transfer research findings to educational practice.

Researchers from various perspectives will be connected to share their ideas, instruments, and findings. Additionally, we aim to establish sub-networks of researchers that will form the basis for future collaboration. Our conferences focusing on empowering creativity in education will enable both young creativity researchers and creativity experts to share their thoughts and to enrich their ongoing projects.

By collaborating with universities across continents and schools ranging from primary to higher education, we aim to bridge the gap between creativity research and practice. By enhancing creativity research and creative practices in education, we aim to better prepare students for a constantly changing society.

Other researchers affiliated with UPCE are Dr. Vlad Glăveanu, Prof. Dr. Jan van Tartwijk, & Prof. Dr. Paul Leseman