United Platform for Creativity in Education

2018 Symposium ‘Creativity from an Embodied and Situated View”

On October 5th, the United Platform for Creativity in Education (UPCE) hosted a symposium titled: Creativity from an Embodied and Situated View, in close collaboration with the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation. Most previous research on creativity fits the traditional psychological trait approach. However, recent findings suggest that cognitive processes and actions result from these processes are to be regarded as situated and embodied. During this small-scale symposium we explored creativity from a situated-embodied perspective from different fields of research and, as a result, strengthened our understanding of creativity. With a walk in the Botanical gardens and a boat tour on the Utrecht canals the participants truly experienced Utrecht and its university in a situated-embodied way. We look back at a very informative and inspiring symposium and look forward to deepen our understanding on this topic with our participants from around the world in the future.