United Platform for Creativity in Education

Affiliated researcher

Project: Teaching Creative Reading through Experimental Literature

Inge van de Ven, PhD

Assistant Professor of Online Culture, Tilburg University


I am currently in the pre-stages of research into creativity in literary reading education. The project seeks to develop an innovative framework of (empirical) literary studies and creativity research: an interdisciplinary theory of ‘creative reading’. The project uses the concept of creativity to unravel the apparent antithesis between online and offline modes of reading and show how they intertwine. It will then use experimental literature as a testing ground to find out how students in secondary education read in an information age, and how they continuously switch between different modalities, strategies, and modes of attention. On the basis of the conceptual framework and the empirical phase, I will develop a model for creative reading. Integrating new and old techniques of reading, this model will help to train students to improve their reading skills (online and offline) in an information age.